Knitted Glove, Fingering Weight, In Process

This is a pattern I learned during a bible study group over 10 years ago.  Handed down for ages hand written on scraps of tattered paper. I never could find a version I like either in print or on line.

It is all knit.  Done short row to shape.  It hugs and insulates and fits much better than an in the round cuff to finger tip style.  Being all knit it is easier for new knitters, counting is the only challenge.  Plus it is better insulating with the ribbing. I normally stay away from anything that is entirely ribbed, but in a fingering it is not obnoxious.

So, I found my original sport weight pattern and am taking the time this week to put it on paper and with a photo diary to get something to share out there.  This pair is in a generic variegated no name fingering wool. 

I normally finish a glove a day, easy.  Having to write down the steps and finalize all my personal tweaks into a pattern is slowing me down.  At it for a few hours and I only have the thumb and 1st of the pointer.

We’ll see what I get done in the few days. I plan to build the 1st writing as I go.  Do the 2nd following the pattern I create.  Then post the entire project as a pattern.  “Of mice and men.”  We’ll see how this progresses.  Watch for updates.

Thank you for the visit.