Hey You

Here we go…

It’s been a process.  Getting from point A to here.  Where was point A?!?  So many crosses in the road to pick from.

Raised with enough challenges to make life interesting, by 2 intelligent, wise individuals.  Some would call them crazy, and did.  Some would look and them and just keep going not paying any attention.  I mean really, Jim and Carole Smith.  NO JOKE!

But they instilled the desire to learn, with the basic common knowledge a person should have to exist and the ability to find and absorb the info I may not have but would want to acquire.  The 3 R’s ( does anyone teach that any more?)  Basic fundamentals of daily life.  An ability to discern, assess and live with the golden rule and defensive confrontation techniques (again, not taught any more!)

3 of 5 family deaths in the early 90’s were all quality of life, pollution, contaminated food and water supply issues.  CANCER.  All went for traditional treatment.  All expired in a horrible, degrading, painful manner.  The other 2 deaths, I believed were brought on by stress and a lack of will to survive after the 1st 3 deaths.

So, in the 90’s, in my early 20’s losing so much,  I made a choice to find a better way.  Exist and form my world around health.  Make good choices for home, hearth, diet, entertainment, family activities and hobbies all centered around achieving quality and longevity not comfort and fast entertainment.

1st was research, next was planning, then action.  By the early 2000’s we had a home in the country and researched and applied many homestead and holistic lifestyles and incorporated much of what we have learned. It’s a process, not a destination.  🙂  We are not there yet.  We are farther along that more than we meet, but have so much to learn from others.

I have my venting days, I have my plodding days and every once in a while I have an epiphany.  I am here to share and spread what we have learned.  AGAIN, I am no expert.  React, exchange, help me and I would like to help you.  We cook all our own food from scratch.  We make many fiber items needed in our home from raw ingredients we find, harvest, dye and knit/sew ourselves.  We grow and hunt much of our meat.  We garden, we do our own repairs and construction.

So much info…. This is intended to be an intro so I will let it go there.

Thank you for stopping in and welcome.  We’ll see what my mood brings next time.