Hmmm…… Red head, mother of 8, Grandmother to 13, wife and the most protestant influenced earth loving catholic in my little piece of the world. In that order.
I like to knit, sew, play with fibers and colors, cross stitch, hang out with our critters, garden for both food and beauty, hike, read, cook and bake.
I believe Cancer is a modern disease brought on by neglect. Neglect of people to see that food should be nourishment. Neglect of the people in industries that promote things that are not actual food for the sake of making money from putting waste in our food supply. Neglect from government and popular leaders to allow synthetics and heavy metals in any proportions to be used to feed, cleans and cloth our personages.
I have made it my purpose in life to break my families generational sins. 1st is modern day norms and quick fixes at the risk of our health. Second is betrayal at the heart of the family.
I love life, I love the people in my life, I love the place I call home. I hope to share the things I have learned, the mistakes I make and the critters and creations that I enjoy along the way.
Please follow along, interact, encourage and check in regularly. I hope to grow and learn this “blog” thing with minimal pain and many worthwhile contributions.