~Life~ and it’s challenges

So…. We woke up one morning to no supplemental power!

It’s been a L~O~N~G time!
We went through maintenance of the generator, A Honda eu2000i master. It was running great. The only problem was we noticed some problem with air flow in the exhaust. It is a $200+ part. So we cleaned it as best we could and put that on the list for next season.
MISTAKE! No more than a few months later we were without power again. We had solar power and battery bank for normal daily issues, lights, electronics, for basic communication and kids school, running my fridge enough hours to keep things cold. BUT we could not run the chest freezer, Rob could not use power tools, I couldn’t run my 5 incubators or brooders with electicity, all my grow lights were put on stand buy for the brightest of days, our big screen TV and good Bluray player could not be used in the evening….. AND the list of “luxuries” goes on.
My Convenient life has been on hold! My business plans have been on hold! My sharing of my growth and development with all my long distance family and followers…. you guessed it, ON HOLD!!! So FRUSTRATING!!!
Today, we were able to get the good genny up and running, it works! 18 LONG months later.

We have all our ducks in a row for this year! We have plans, we have ability, we have time and we have funds….
The best laid plans of mice and men…… God only knows, but I hope to share more starting Monday.
All you loyal followers, don’t hold your breath. Please knock on wood and cross your fingers. I have been here before. I have a good feeling this time.
I am optimistic and I have a family blessing in the arena of empathy. I hope to see you on Monday.
Thank you for sticking with us! WE ARE BACK!

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